"Newsletter January 16, 2018"

January 16, 2018
Dear Members,
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! We wish for a very successful year and good health for all of our tribe. The past year was busy with the task of relocating the office from DeRidder to Oakdale. The business office was generously offered to us by Jerry and Wanda Miller. The office is located at 881 Hwy 165 in Oakdale. The new phone number is 318-335-8414. The office hours are from 9:00 - 3:00 on Wednesdays.
Rolls are now closed for new membership. Thanks to new enrollments, we are now a large tribe. We are grateful to the volunteers for helping to get organization back in our tribe. Our special thanks to Louise Willis and Loretta Melder for keeping our office open and doing the many forms that new membership requires.
Our Powwow was held in December and we enjoyed seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and watching the dance events. A powwow is not only and entertaining program, but is a gathering of our tribal members to welcome other tribal members. We gladly invite the public to join us and to participate in one of the group dances. During the powwow we have 50-50 pots that go on sale and the winner gets half of the proceeds that are collected. We also give away the Prizes of $300, $200, and $100 that the princesses sell tickets for. This prize money is always donated by a member of our tribe. Others donate money, prizes, and time. There were many articles donated for the auction that is always fun and the silent auction was very successful. The auctions are another event we have to help pay the expense of the powwow. However, the crowd was small, but we plan to have a bigger powwow this year. The planning and fund raising for a larger program will start early. Hopefully, we will have volunteers to help with our fundraising. Our many thanks to all the workers, and to those that donated money and articles for the auction. Again, we give special thanks to Loretta Melder and Louise Willis for all the work they did to put the powwow together.
The CLIVR Program is still open for all the mental and physical disabled members of our tribe. This is a Rehabilitation program funded by U.S. Department of Education/Rehabilitation Services Administration. If you feel you qualify and want to have assistance with means of making an income, please call Mandy at 1-866-307-0230.
Membership dues are due by March 31st. Any member turning 18 years of age during the year of 2018 must pay $20.00 membership dues. We no longer accept cash and request that only checks or money orders be mailed to PO Box 836, Oakdale, Louisiana 71463. Those that come by the office to pay, please bring your check or money order made out to FOUR WINDS.


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