Members that have paid for the year 2019 do not need to send more donation money to the Oakdale office or p o box 836, Oakdale, La. Keep your receipts and canceled checks. We know a lot of you have received letters saying you need to pay again, but you only pay a fee of $20 per year. Be patient and we assure you all will be revealed soon.

We want to thank the Governor Attorney General, and the Secretary of State for all the help that we have received.
    Members, we are working very hard to save our tribe and get it back to the Christian principles it was founded on. We are investigating and we have legal documents and legal papers that will inform our tribe of things they need to know. We will follow the bylaws and that includes the one about gambling. Anyone or group that attempts to bring any form of gambling to our tribe, such as cockfighting or bingo will be stopped. Our board is going to follow our bylaws and we will dismiss any tribe member that puts any personal pleasure before our members. Especially our children. True Native American Indians treasures all life forms, even our fowl. We use them for food and not for sport to pleasure some people. As Chief I Will strive with every fiber of my body to carry this tribe forward. We will have healthy entertainment and Culture classes to teach everyone. We will be glad and proud to be called Four Winds Cherokee once again. Please do not send your 2020 donations to the Oakdale address. Send them to our address at: Four Winds Tribe, po box 453, Rosepine, La. 70659.
Chief Barbara Doyle Sherman
    Four Winds Tribe Louisiana Cherokee apologizes to everyone for canceling our Powwow. The Powwow was scheduled for the 26th and 27th of October, but due to some problems that are being worked out, we had to cancel. We will definitely make up for it next year and look forward to seeing all of friends once again.
    I received a very encouraging letter from one of our Tribe Members. He is an author and will be sending us books to help with our fund raising. When we receive them I will do an extensive write up of him and his works.
    Again we advise everyone to mail all correspondence to our address at PO Box 453, Rosepine, Louisiana 70659. We appreciate all donations we have received to help with the legal expense of getting our tribe back. We are almost there and it will be a glorious day when we are once again a proud Tribe.
Thank you all for your encouragement as we go forward with our mission.
Chief Barbara Doyle Sherman
    It has been brought to my attention that a certificate was purchased showing Oakdale, Louisiana as being the domicile for Four Winds Tribe. This is not a major and as soon as the court case is over we will be moving it back to Beauregard Parish. No one is going to be dismissed from this tribe unless they have committed a crime, misused funds, or talked about the tribe in derogatory terms. Please send your donations to the PO Box 463, Rosepine, La. 70659. The bank account is frozen until the court case is over. Our CD is protected. We will post it as soon as we know the Court's decision.
    Please do not believe everything you read on Facebook. We will not be putting the tribe's business out to the public.
Chief Barbara Doyle Sherman
    Chief Barbara Doyle Sherman wishes to Express her gratitude for all the donations that has been given to help with the legal process. A small, successful estate sale (compliments of Carl Doyle) held November 2nd added more funds to our cause. I am so thankful to the members of this Tribe for coming together as sisters and brothers to help us with this task. All of you are showing great support for us to get our Tribe back to being a real INDIAN TRIBE. We are tired of those that are playing as Indians and not knowing what they are doing. Today we received a donation of 50 books to sale from Marcus O. Durham, Ph.D, Th.D. The book is titled "No Man's Land Pioneers", and the reasearch that makes this book so exciting is fantastic. All you Four Winds Members that want to know about your heritage need to get this book. We are asking for a donation of 10.00 dollars and the cost of shipping. Ten of them are gone and I just received them today. Doctor Durham has graciously given us these books at no cost to us. All proceeds will go toward getting our tribe back to being an INDIAN TRIBE WITH PRIDE. Doctor Durham is from DeRidder, Louisiana and is the author of 19 books. He and his wife have done us a great deed by getting this material together in this book. Please keep sending your 2020 donations to PO BOX 453, Rosepine, Louisiana 70659.
Chief Barbara Doyle Sherman